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New Patients

First visit to a new dentist can sometimes be overwhelmed because of the changes. At Bloor Dufferin Dental Centre we will try to make the first encounter as simple, informative and comfortable as possible.

My First Visit

At the first visit the dentist will review your medical history, listen to your dental concerns, take xrays as necessary and perform a complete oral examination. A problem list will then be generated and treatment options as well as associated costs will be discussed.

The office will verify your insurance coverage- what might/not be covered, yearly limitation and other details. Depending on the agreement between the insurance company and you, they may not disclose coverage details to a third party. It is always best to bring with you the benefit book, or print it out if you have it online. We will go over the explanation of benefit at the first visit and answer any questions you may have.

After treatment planning and understanding of your benefit and concerns the doctor will help you determine sequencing your dental treatment plan. Many factors will be considered. They are but not limited to pain, conditions of the problem, financial circumstances, expectation and time. Normally a teeth cleaning can be done or a more urgent problem can be addressed at the initial visit.

Assignment of Benefit and How It Works.

If your policy allows assignment of benefit to dentist we will send claims for your dental treatment to the insurance company on your behalf and direct them to remit payment directly to the dentist. You will not have to pay upfront or to deal with the paperwork. However you are still responsible for co-payment and deductible if applicable.

Primary Insurance and secondary Insurance- How they work?

If you have two insurance policies, one under your name is called primary and the other under your spouse's is called secondary. The claim will always first be sent to the primary policy. Any co-payment or deductible will be sent to a secondary insurance later. In summary if you have two policies you may not have to pay for your dental services. This can always be confirmed before treatment rendered.

Payment types/Plan:

Cash, visa, Master, Debit cards are also accepted. Payment plan is available for dental implant and orthodontic/braces treatment. This can be explained in details after a treatment plan's formulated.